Brittney Connelly

Brittney Connelly


Brittney Connelly is a Houston based artist currently pursuing a BFA at the University of Houston. She works in a variety of mediums including video, performance, sculpture and installation art. Brittney Connelly’s installation/sculptural works aim to reactivate objects and speak of ideas about the beginning of shared commonplace. Her performance work tests the physical endurance of the body and challenges the notion of self within contemporary culture. Her work is confronting perceptions of societal normality, a commoditized culture and researching the collective consciousness through a unique subjectivity.

Brittney Connelly’s work has been included in galleries and museums. In 2011 Brittney Connelly participated in the annual “Artist Dialogue” at the Houston Center for Photography, as well as the “The Empty Box Auction” at Box 13 Art Space. She was also invited to participate in Cinder Block: Mixture” at Skydive, and “A Pixilated Bunch” at G Gallery. In 2010 she was selected to show work at “The Annual Student Exhibition” at the Blaffer museum. She was 1 of 15 selected from a national call of 300 entries to show work at a screening of “Times 2 shown at Aurora. She also participated in a Fotofest exhibit at Bosque Gallery.

Most Recently Brittney Connelly was selected as a participant in Project Row Houses Summer Studio Program. She also was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the University of Houston.

Artist Statement

Mediated by mass media, fracture via social networking, and consumed by a culture of consumption, collections of selves are constantly created. Multiple selves intersect each other, rendering a concept of self continuously repackaged and redistributed. My current work examines the bizarre way in which we urbanites communicate and connect in our contemporary culture. Often our attempts to associate with one another leads to some fantastically absurd behaviors. My interest lies within the intersection of cyclical ritual and the comic mundane. I understand that relationships include a multitude of simulated exchanges and I am interested in portraying how these mechanisms shape the individual.

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