Brittney Imwald-Mahr

Brittney Imwald-Mahr


 Artist Statement

There are notions within my work that speak to a tender person. I often believe that these curiously chosen objects will somehow work with bodily movement to create an emotional understanding. The photographs take an uncertain view just as my emotion does to myself at times; making a sort of longing to reach a satisfaction, even if pushing my physical limits, to reach some degree of comfort.

The work I produce stems from my intense affection for romanticism and poetry. My past experiences and current longing for “something” in the past has fused the work into a mush of sensation, and photographic mediums help to aid the dissatisfaction. In my world, surrealism is a close friend and reality remains at a questionable distance.

Trading something intangible for something I can touch seems to be a theme within my photographs and performances. I constantly search for, and utilize, elements to help explain what I find to be indescribable. Tonalist’s Reverie is a series of photographic work that hopes to explain a sense of identity and struggle, through the use of my body and inanimate objects.

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