Megan Rath

Megan Rath


Megan Rath is a lens-based artist, currently living and working in Houston, TX.  She will receive her B.F.A. in Photography/Digital Media from the University of Houston in May of 2012.  Her photographic interests lie in documenting abandoned buildings, evicted homes, and all places unoccupied by physical, human presence.  Megan uses this process to explore and reflect on her own solitude, and in return, creates her own memories of these empty spaces.  She invites the viewer to do the same.  Her video work is a means of conveying her feelings about personal relationships, past and present.  Her print work has been exhibited in local gallery shows, as well as a few publications distributed throughout the United States.

 Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by places that are no longer inhabited by people. I loosely relate this fascination to my own irrational fear of eventual abandonment by my loved ones. These images are meant to induce a state of limbo, and the ultimate desire to belong within each setting. Regardless of how long these spaces have been unoccupied, they are still very much alive with memories and untold stories. By photographing these interior and exterior spaces, I am able to envision myself as a part of the location’s history. I can then create my own memory of each particular place; which I invite the viewer to do as well. Through this process, I have also found extreme beauty and comfort in seclusion.

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