Melissa Tran

Melissa Tran


 Artist Statement

I want my photographic and video work to engage the viewer in the basic question, is it real, or is it fiction? In other words, is it true, not manipulated, or definitely artificial as a representation? I hope this tension ultimately seduces the viewer into believing a false reality, one constructed by my imagination rather than by documentation. The hyper realistic quality of my photographs draws parallels to and reconsiders societal ideals of beauty and also enables me to reconsider stereotypical gender roles. Equally interesting to me is the fact that as media, photography and video contain inherent nostalgic references that point to a real but ephemeral moment in time. This notion has led me to connect my work to certain art historical models, such as the Dadaist photographer Man Ray (through my use of scannergrams, the “digital photogram”), and, at times, use appropriated material in my work.

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