Nicole Henderson

Nicole Henderson


Nicole Henderson is an artist emerging from the University of Houston Photography and Digital Media BFA program. After growing up in a small town in Michigan, Henderson moved to Sugar Land, Texas where she began to develop her interests in photography. Her work focuses on revisiting the past, whether her own or a historical period, and discovering distinctions between the past and present. She intends to continue her passion for photography by perusing her own business in event and portrait photography and create more photographic moments for others to revisit.

 Artist Statement


My work involves the ideas of memory and family.  I am fascinated by the differences between my impressions of the past and present realities. In the series   “Toy Box”, I create abstracted photographic images of coveted objects from my childhood. Photographing these objects underwater with a holga camera allows me to produce images that are intended to be distant, disorienting, and ambiguous, but at the same time vibrate and wondrous. Childhood memories are skewed by what we have learned and forgotten during the changes undergone through development and the passage of time. While some memories remain pure, bright, and clear, others may become dark and cloudy. By sharing my “Toy Box”, I hope that the spectrum of remnants left from my own childhood will resonate with viewers’ memories and experiences of their own.

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