Os Galindo

Os Galindo


 Artist Statement

The modern television set has taken a shrine-like role in American culture; it is both sumptuous in its design and its usage reflects religious practices found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Roman Catholicism.

In my work I examine the role of television media broadcasts and how it functions within American culture, specifically the way our experience of the physical has changed in light of this technology. Much in the same way a tourist might take a photograph of the Grand Canyon, my photographs parody the mediation that occurs of the physical world through the television-shrine, which has become integral to our daily lives.

My photographs are appropriations of the imagery depicted by the television-shrine. They are immaculate in their detail – hundreds of brilliant points of red, green, and blue making up various simulacra that are both abstract and referential. My salvation of this imagery points at how much media is being consumed without being considered, and at the surreal complexities the television-shrine is capable of.

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