Thais Verissimo

Thais Verissimo


Thais Verissimo was born in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, and she lived her teenager years in Houston Texas where she presently lives and works. Thais makes conceptual work with video, photography, and multimedia, and she will receive her B.F.A. degree in Photography/Digital Media from the University of Houston in 2012.

She has participated in video screenings, including Complicity With Anonymous Materials at the Temporary Space in 2009 and unBlocked:Performance Based Video at DiverseWorks Artspace in 2012. She has also taken part in group print and multimedia shows. In 2010, she participated in Beyond the Print at Caroline Collective and Artist Dialogue Exhibition at the Houston Center for Photography.

 Artist Statement

My installations, videos, and photographs deal with human conditions. The work examines psychological struggles and the human network outside of the internet realm.

In dealing with psychological struggles, the work looks into the universal human struggle for balance, being grounded, and anxiety through video performances that I do myself. The performances initiate from my own struggles, but they are ones that everyone shares after all. They are often done with very tactile materials and involve my hands, feet, or entire body.

In regards to the human network, I look into networks that are formed due to a common place. In my installation about the Angelika theater, the theater was a place where many people crossed paths, forming a network of history and also of affection for this one single theater. I used photographs taken of the theater and had people write their feelings tied to that place. Over the photographs is a video of yarn forming a structure of crossed lines. In my video with a map of Houston, I’m thinking, in a tactile manner, about this web we form from living in the same city and going to the same places. We connect with strangers everyday.

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